Saturday, 4 May 2013

Recycled Door Garden Shed

So! I have been collecting doors, any old door I come across gets stashed in my yard. I just love old doors.

A also had a crappy old bunnings garden shed, that I wanted to convert into a creative hive.
Here is the shed and some of the door collection...

The idea was to rebuild the tin garden shed using the found old doors, I thought it was going to be simple, just attaching timber to timber, i have built stuff before, no probs.... so we moved the old shed and set about leveling out the existing base....

It seems I have no idea how to build the base of a structure (in a safe kind of way) and the thoughts I had in mind on how I was going to assemble to frame with wood offcuts from under my neighbours house were not going to cut it, either was my 'renovator' tool.

After realising building the frame and roof were way beyond my capabilities Marc took over and my Dad got in on it as well. I have misplaced the pictures of the next stage, but a sturdy frame was put together with a kick ass roof, I just held measuring tapes and pieces of wood and tin in place....

It is coming together!

I still have some embellishing to do...

It is looking exactly how I imagined it....Freakin Amazing!

Still a work in progress, but some updates on the shed....


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  2. kudos to you for putting in such hard work and recycling! i am sure the Garden sheds will come out looking stellar. please keep your promise and blog about your work in progress now!

  3. wow I got 7 solid wood doors which I am going to hammer together, wont look as good as this one but save me £450

  4. What an effort you had there. I like the way you put together a creative art out of junk materials.
    I just wonder which is the real door for the entrance, when you have doors all over it?

    Kelly Zauber from
    Home theater Austin TX

  5. Has it ever happened that people got confused with which door actually opens up to the shed? That would be something to see. Heh. But it does look nice. It’s not something you see every day, so that in itself is a great thing.

  6. fantastic - I've been thinking of making a pallet shed, then it occurred to me that I could use recycled doors (or a combination of the two for frame and cladding) - love what you've done here, very inspiring!

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